How to install our soundpack in Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM) for Genos

 Open YEM
Press Create a new pack in YEM
Select import content. A browsing screen comes up and you navigate to the map where your downloaded UVN´s are. Select all the voices and select ok/open. You should now see all the voices in the list on the YEM screen associated with the new pack.
Now make sure Genos is selected by YEM (press the Genos icon towards top left). Make sure all voices is highlighted green. A tick on the new pack by clicking on it if necessary to instruct YEM which data to be send.
Now save pack file on usb and put the usb into your Genos. Select expansion pack on the instrument and load in the pack. It is also possible to send the pack file wirelessly. But we prefer saving to usb
Thats it 🙂
Support and manuals will follow when purchasing the pack.